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Wine Glasses and Their Types

When we say wine glasses, we mean drinking glasses with holes in them for wine to be poured into. Yes, drinking wine may be a simple process but it does require proper drinking etiquette when doing so. The basic requirement of wine drinking is enjoying the right temperature for the body and soul. For this reason, you should always use proper wine glasses when you drink wine.

Types of Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a kind of drinking vessel that is widely used to sip and drink wine. There are several types of wine glasses and they all serve different purposes. The common wine glass is the stem, which is a kind of goblet made up of three pieces: the stem, the base, and the cup. Most of the time, the cup has a wider opening than the rest of the piece since the stem is wider. This is because wine glasses used for drinking usually come in thin cups.

For wine glasses to serve their purpose, they should be used with a particular wine type and with wine strength that matches with what you are drinking. Matching wine strength is very important because if you drink too much wine, you will end up drunk or at the very least, very thirsty. Too much wine can also affect the taste of the wine.

On the other hand, too little wine can also taste bad. Wine glasses should be used accordingly. It’s best to determine your level of intake when it comes to wine. You do not want to waste money and end up having an unsatisfactory experience when it comes to wine consumption. This is why you must know how to determine how much wine you should drink.


One of the best wine glasses you can find in the market today is a slim wine glass. These are wine glasses that are very sleek and small enough to fit into any countertop. They are ideal for drinking wine at home because they won’t take up a lot of counter space and they can also be used when you have company over.

wine glasses

Another type of wine glass that you can find in the market today is stem wine glasses. These are wine glasses with stems sticking out of the glass. This enables the person drinking to feel the wine as it flows down the drinker’s throat. Stems are a nice feature because wine enthusiasts claim that it gives the drinker a better taste. If you are a wine enthusiast, then you might consider getting yourself one of these.

Next on the list of wine glasses, you can get to choose from is the stem-to-stem. These wine glasses can easily be found at home, but if you cannot find one near your residence, there is no reason why you should not be able to order one online. The stem-to-stem wine glasses have a long handle that allows the person drinking to hold it steady as he or she drinks. If you have no time to go out to the shop and buy yourself a pair of these glasses, then ordering online is just the next best thing. The only problem with the stem-to-stem wine glasses is that some people may find it uncomfortable holding them in their hand because the stem in them is short. This makes the glasses hard to hold, but if you know someone who would enjoy such a wine glass, then you could always gift it to them.

For those of you who prefer wine glasses made out of crystal, there is still nothing like the elegant and classy effect these glasses have. You can have many types of wine glasses made from crystal. You can even have crystal wine flutes for special occasions or dinner parties. These elegant glasses will add a touch of class to your event, so you must give them carefully thought attention. Once you have given them careful thought and consideration, you will have an elegant wine glass for all your special occasions.…

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