Australian wine

Australian Wine

Australian wine is among the world’s largest exponents of production, with about 800 million bottles of wine out of the 1.1 to 1.3 billion bottles produced each year exported to foreign markets. The Australian wine market is also a significant contributor to Australian revenue through direct consumption, employment, exports and tourism. Australian wine manufacturers and exporters can be grouped into two broad categories, based on their location: inland and coastal. Outbound Australian wine exports account for more than 70% of total Australian wine exports. The coastal area accounts for lesser volume.

Wine Production

There are three major wine-producing regions in Australia, representing approximately half of total Australian wine exports. Northern Australia, which is an island state of Australia, has substantial wine and agricultural industries. The state’s vineyards produce substantial quantities of award-winning Australian wine. The state is also home to substantial numbers of Chambourcin, Barossa and chipolatas vines. The state produces a large variety of red, white and rose wines.

South Australia, also known as New South Wales, is an Australian state that lies between Sydney and Adelaide. It is one of Australia’s most populated states and has one of its largest winemaking sectors. Australian wine exports to New South Wales include the production of black, pinot noir, grapefruit, Shiraz and vermouth. Pinot Noir, one of Australia’s best-known wines, is an Australian wine export popularly known as Australian “Tesco.” Australian wine grapes, renowned for their lush texture and rich taste, are grown in the cooler regions of the South. Other prominent Australian wines are kangaroo valley sparkling wines and yarrow.

Western Australia, also known as WA, is an Australian state that includes its major urban centres of Perth City. It is the largest agricultural producer of wheat and barley in the country. Its main wine-producing regions are Kalamata, Margaret River, Healesville and Tambool. Some of the most famous Australian wines produced in WA include Abarth wine, kangaroo valley sparkling wine and yarrow.

Australian wine

There are two major wine producing regions in Australia. The first one is Western Australia, which is located in the southwest corner of Australia, bordered by the ocean to the north and south. The state has extensive wine production potential, thanks to the pleasant climate, abundant sunshine, cool ocean waters and rich loam soils. The second major Australian wine-producing region is inland, specifically in Victoria and New South Wales. This region produces award-winning wines such as abalone and claret.


The Australian wine industry follows many traditions. One of these is the practice of blended fermentation. This method of fermentation produces wines that taste best when they are gently mixed with other wines from different regions. Blended wines are more consistent than when they are directly fermented. Some of the best Australian wine regions include Margaret River, Kew, Glendronach, Glosterby, Maree, Tamar Valley, Elgar, Moreton Bay and worse came the famous Australian outback.

Australian wine is also known for the variety of grapes used. These grapes are mostly shaded tolerant and able to grow in all climates and conditions. Australian vineyards are characterized by long, open vines that produce sweet white and black wines. Some of these regions are Langford, Barossa Valley, Boulia, Kings Canyon, Mt Gambier, Merimbula and Clare Valley.

Australian wine regions produce almost 80% of the Australian wine market. The most popular wine varieties produced in this country are Australian Shiraz, Australian Merlot, Australian Shiraz and Australian Zinfandel. Australian wine is said to be a perfect blend of flavours from the local vineyards. Australian wine has an Australian feel due to its rich variety of grapes as well as the climate of the Australian outback.